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Price List

Private Cremations

Pets 5 pounds or less                 $140.00

Pets 6 – 25 pounds                    $200.00

Pets 26 – 50 pounds                  $250.00

Pets 51 – 100 pounds                $285.00

Pets over 100 pounds                $310.00

Mass Cremations (Ashes not returned)

Pets under 75 pounds               $75.00

Pets over 75 pounds                  $100.00

Pet Pick ups

Pets under 50 pounds                $210.00

Pets 50 pounds and over           $325.00

Pet ashes returned                    $110.00

Cats and dogs are our most common animals. We also cremate other animals such as birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles and more. 

Please call our office if you have a larger animal or small farm animal that you would like cremated. Our staff will then determine based on the size of your animal and the physical stage of the animal’s body if they will properly fit in our cremator. Our staff has the right to turn away any animal that is too large or that we are unable to cremate.